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Mobile Usability For People


Everyday human life can not be separated from the need to communicate between one with another. One tool commonly used by humans to communicate remotely is a mobile phone or mobile phone. Mobile technology is always progressing from time to time. Currently, mobile phones that adopt the latest technology are referred to as smartphones. Although sophisticated and modern the function or standard features remain as well as mobile phones are still using the old technology.

Some of the benefits you can get from using a handphone is

1. Intercultural Communication

Smartphones are a new form of development of wireless telephone technology. With a smartphone one can communicate like a normal mobile phone in general, ie like for voice phones, send SMS, MMS, and data services. However, the smartphone is equipped with processors, memory, and other equipment more sophisticated like the existing technology on the computer.

2. Looking for Information / Science

Surfing in the internet world is much more convenient if using a smartphone than a regular phone that has not been equipped with sophisticated technology. Surfing in the virtual world will feel faster with smartphones that use the latest generation wireless internet connection such as 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G, and so on. Coupled with the latest web browsers that can translate HTML language and web programming languages as well as other latest technologies.

3. Entertainment

Smartphones can serve various existing multimedia formats. Online streaming media can also be easily run on a sophisticated smartphone without many obstacles. Coupled with a variety of free entertainment applications that can be downloaded for free or paid to add complete entertainment facilities that exist on the smartphone.

4. Applications

Users of mobile phones smartphone can install and run various applications available on the internet and also non-internet in accordance with the operating system it uses. Each application has the minimum specifications required to run smoothly. The more sophisticated and new a smartphone gadget that is used, then, in general, more and more applications that can run.

5. Data Storage

The memory capacity of large smartphones can serve as data storage media files. As with USB flash disk, USB external drive and multimedia card, sophisticated mobile phone can be used to put various files in accordance with the capacity available on the smartphone. The smartphone which is given additional memory card will be able to accommodate bigger data.

Definition of Lifestyle


Lifestyle is a person’s behaviour that is shown in the activities, interests and opinions especially with regard to self-image to reflect his social status. Lifestyle is the frame of reference that someone uses in behaving and consequently will form a particular behaviour pattern Especially how he wants to be perceived by others, so lifestyle is closely related to how he formed the image in the eyes of others, related to the social status it bears. To reflect this image, it takes certain status symbols, which are instrumental in influencing their consumption behaviour.

Here are some different lifestyles:

1. Modern Lifestyle

In today’s all modern and practical, demanding society not to be left behind in everything including in the field of technology. Many people are vying to be the best in terms of understanding the technology. Digital lifestyle (digital lifestyle) is a term that is often used to describe the modern lifestyle is loaded with information technology. Information technology plays a role in streamlining everything we do, both in the present and the future, with one goal of achieving maximum efficiency and productivity. Certainly can not be denied again, that information technology does play a big role in improving efficiency in life.

Example: Dress up luxury, high prestige, Always want to have the latest items

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Is a simple choice that is very appropriate to run. Live with a healthy diet, mind, habits and environment. Healthy in the meaning of the basic word is everything we do give good and positive results.

Examples: Maintaining a diet, regular exercise, No Smoking, do not use drugs

3. Lifestyle Save

Life-saving is not the process of reducing consumption, life-saving is reducing current consumption in order to consume more in the future. By consuming more in the future we can not be said to be economical.

Example: Be careful in using the money, able to set the time, carefully.

How to Maintain Body Health


A fit body allows us to do many things, including things we like, and it makes us happy. From a healthy body too, high productivity goes out and makes a lot of work done. There are many things you can do to maintain your health and fitness. Here are some ways to keep your body healthy.

– Eat enough

“Eat after hunger, stop eating before full.” The phrase may be often heard. Apparently, the phrase has a good property for the health of the body. Eating when you begin to hunger and stop eating before you are full will train the body to use calories from the food as energy, and do not store too much food reserves. As a result, you will stay healthy and fit throughout the day.

– Consumption of Honey

Honey has long been recognised as a source of nutrients for the body and skin. For the body, honey is believed to have many benefits, one of them to increase endurance. Other efficacy of honey that has been proven is cure respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and allergies.

– Exercise Routine

Exercise has a myriad of benefits for the body. Starting from a blood circulation that serves to maintain heart health, also increases bone density. In addition, exercise also works to improve concentration which is certainly very useful to help you complete your work. And you do not need to spend a lot of money to benefit from this sport. Familiarise walking instead of using the elevator in the office or jog at the weekend, will give you the benefits the body needs.

– Quality Sleep

Humans need sleep as rest after work all the time. When sleeping, the body regenerates cells. In order to continue working properly, the body needs quality rest or sleep time. To get quality sleep, you must keep the mind in order to stay always positive.

Why Do You Need Entertainment?


Unlike other living things that can survive only by meeting their primary needs, humans, need other things to survive and be happy in living their lives. One of the things that humans really need is entertainment. Since ancient times humans have started to create with various entertainment to complement their lives. Music, art, sports, all performances and matches are made for the purpose of meeting the human need for entertainment. Why do humans need entertainment? Here are some reasons why people need entertainment.

– Entertainment can make your physical and psychic condition refreshed

Daily activities and work-related pressures often make us all tired both physically and psychologically. One effective way to make your physical and psychic condition fresh again is to play your favourite games.

– Entertainment can provide inspiration

Another benefit of entertainment for humans is that it can be entertainment as a source of inspiration. Various types of entertainment and art have always been a source of inspiration for the best works in the next generation. Get inspirations to work by finding as much information as possible.

Humans are social beings that need interaction and recognition. One of the most effective medium for humans to interact with other humans is to use entertainment as entertainment. Artists and artists use entertainment as a means to interact with their fans, the media to convey their ideas and views about life. For entertainment enthusiasts, discussing entertainment that appeals to them is a means to interact with fellow human beings.

– Entertainment can highlight your personality and uniqueness

Entertainment can also be your identity. Love certain music, certain movies, certain books, personality and uniqueness You can be formed from the entertainment you like. Not only fun, entertainment can also be used as a means to highlight your personality and uniqueness.

Get used to Managing Personal Finance

business and finance

One of the things that make our finances messy is our own habits. We are not accustomed to discipline to manage finances and can not distinguish between lust and need. But calm, not too late. If you want to improve the financial condition, now is the time. Some habits of managing personal finance are mandatory you apply let your salary is not just passing. Learn about business and finance on our website.

– Track your income and expenses

Often we do not care about our expenses. Where did our monthly salary go? Tracking earnings and expenses can be done by making simple bookkeeping. If you do not want to be bothered to use financial regulator applications on your smartphone.

– Giving Money

Wedding invitations relatives or friends can come insistently in a month. Donating money is fine, but it must be remembered: do not let the pocket burst because of frequent donations.

– Check the bill

Being used to checking bills is important. Structure shopping until the most important credit card bill. It’s important that we do not find excess costs there.

– Saving, saving, saving

Saving habits do need to be nurtured early on. But it’s never too late for you who are not used to it. Start setting aside a small part of your salary. This is important for a reserve fund or future funding.

– Always make expense items

After the payday always makes the outposts. This list of expenditures must be adhered to not distracted by the end of the month.

– Avoiding unnecessary costs

Often late pay bills and penalties, using brokers, breaking traffic that leads to a ticket. These unnecessary costs are often we are for the sake of feeling we have a decent salary. If not discipline in trivial things like this how to manage finances wisely?

– Resist

Lust and desire can arise at any time. Especially if again a walk to the mall. Looking at the big discount boards is hard to resist, but rather than starving at the end of the month, it is better to hold back the unnecessary shopping. Remember, discounts can happen anytime. So be patient.