Definition of Lifestyle


Lifestyle is a person’s behaviour that is shown in the activities, interests and opinions especially with regard to self-image to reflect his social status. Lifestyle is the frame of reference that someone uses in behaving and consequently will form a particular behaviour pattern Especially how he wants to be perceived by others, so lifestyle is closely related to how he formed the image in the eyes of others, related to the social status it bears. To reflect this image, it takes certain status symbols, which are instrumental in influencing their consumption behaviour.

Here are some different lifestyles:

1. Modern Lifestyle

In today’s all modern and practical, demanding society not to be left behind in everything including in the field of technology. Many people are vying to be the best in terms of understanding the technology. Digital lifestyle (digital lifestyle) is a term that is often used to describe the modern lifestyle is loaded with information technology. Information technology plays a role in streamlining everything we do, both in the present and the future, with one goal of achieving maximum efficiency and productivity. Certainly can not be denied again, that information technology does play a big role in improving efficiency in life.

Example: Dress up luxury, high prestige, Always want to have the latest items

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Is a simple choice that is very appropriate to run. Live with a healthy diet, mind, habits and environment. Healthy in the meaning of the basic word is everything we do give good and positive results.

Examples: Maintaining a diet, regular exercise, No Smoking, do not use drugs

3. Lifestyle Save

Life-saving is not the process of reducing consumption, life-saving is reducing current consumption in order to consume more in the future. By consuming more in the future we can not be said to be economical.

Example: Be careful in using the money, able to set the time, carefully.

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