Mobile Usability For People


Everyday human life can not be separated from the need to communicate between one with another. One tool commonly used by humans to communicate remotely is a mobile phone or mobile phone. Mobile technology is always progressing from time to time. Currently, mobile phones that adopt the latest technology are referred to as smartphones. Although sophisticated and modern the function or standard features remain as well as mobile phones are still using the old technology.

Some of the benefits you can get from using a handphone is

1. Intercultural Communication

Smartphones are a new form of development of wireless telephone technology. With a smartphone one can communicate like a normal mobile phone in general, ie like for voice phones, send SMS, MMS, and data services. However, the smartphone is equipped with processors, memory, and other equipment more sophisticated like the existing technology on the computer.

2. Looking for Information / Science

Surfing in the internet world is much more convenient if using a smartphone than a regular phone that has not been equipped with sophisticated technology. Surfing in the virtual world will feel faster with smartphones that use the latest generation wireless internet connection such as 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G, and so on. Coupled with the latest web browsers that can translate HTML language and web programming languages as well as other latest technologies.

3. Entertainment

Smartphones can serve various existing multimedia formats. Online streaming media can also be easily run on a sophisticated smartphone without many obstacles. Coupled with a variety of free entertainment applications that can be downloaded for free or paid to add complete entertainment facilities that exist on the smartphone.

4. Applications

Users of mobile phones smartphone can install and run various applications available on the internet and also non-internet in accordance with the operating system it uses. Each application has the minimum specifications required to run smoothly. The more sophisticated and new a smartphone gadget that is used, then, in general, more and more applications that can run.

5. Data Storage

The memory capacity of large smartphones can serve as data storage media files. As with USB flash disk, USB external drive and multimedia card, sophisticated mobile phone can be used to put various files in accordance with the capacity available on the smartphone. The smartphone which is given additional memory card will be able to accommodate bigger data.

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